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Advertising Opportunities on www.azmhca.com

MHCA's website offers several different advertising options. With the blog on the website, being able to register for the MHCA Conference and educational seminars, and other items soon to be added (on-line training, MHCA books and forms, etc.), we are encouraging members to spend more time on the site.

Advertising Opportunity I: Premier Advertising on Home Page

  • In the middle of the Home Page of our website is a banner where MHCA will allow up to three different ads.
  • The ads will be refreshed each time the Home Page is open.
  • Your ad will be linked directly to your website.
  • MHCA will need your logo, an image or advertisement and your URL. Your logo or image must be a jpeg exactly 728 x 90.
  • Quarterly Cost: $ 250.00

Advertising Opportunity II: Sponsor Advertising on Home Page

  • At the bottom of the Home Page there is space to place your logo with a link to your website.
  • There are only 4 spaces available which are static.
  • Your logo will appear and will be attached to your website.
  • MHCA will need your logo and URL.
  • Quarterly Cost: $125

Advertising Opportunity III: On-Line Training Sponsor

  • There will only be three on-line training sponsors.
  • Your logo will appear on the on-line training sponsor slide and at the bottom of all of the powerpoint slides which appear in
  • training courses.
  • MHCA will need your logo as a jpeg and URL.
  • Annual Cost: $ 1,000
Click here for MHCA Website Sponsorship Opportunties