Do You Have The Required Information For Each Home In Your Park?

A.R.S. 33-1478 requires, "A required standardized registration form shall be filled out by each mobile home space renter, upon mobile home space rental, showing mobile home make, year, serial number and license number if any be legally required, and also showing if the mobile home is paid for, if there is a lien on the mobile home, and if so the lienholder, and who is the legal owner of the mobile home unit.  The registration cards or forms shall be kept on file with the park management as long as the mobile home is on the mobile home space within the park."

Anytime a new home comes into a park, a registration card MUST be completed and kept on file as long as the home is in the park. This allows you to have the proper information on the home to report in your required monthly reports to the County Assessor (as required in A.R.S. 44-19154), as well as providing necessary information you will need if the home is ever abandoned and you need to file for a landlord lien sale. 

A fillable copy of the registration card is below:

A fillable copy of the Monthly Report due to the Assessor is below: