Did You Receive A Call From Our Number?

Have you received a missed call/message from 480-345-4202 or 800-351-3350? 
MHCA has been informed that people are receiving/showing missed calls from our telephone number(s). People either are receiving the calls and are calling back the number showing as being the missed call, or have been receiving messages regarding lawsuits. THIS IS A SCAM! 

MHCA is a non-profit trade association that represents the owners of Manufactured Housing Communities. We generally do not make outbound calls except to our members/vendors, and never mass unsolicited calls as our organization is very specific.

We have nothing do with any sort of lawsuits, or any other situations that require people to be called and no messages left, or the messages left regarding anything to do with lawsuits, or any other financial transactions. 

We apologize to anyone who received a call and it appeared to be from our number as we assure you it was not MHCA unless you are involved in the manufactured housing industry (and maybe not even then!). 

If you wish to let us know about the calls you received so we can add them to any police report, please email us at