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1997 Sonny Rickles
1998 John Fairfield
1999 Darrel Macey
2000 Cindy Ashton
2001 Mike Parham
2002 Steve Kittel
2004 Gregory Johnloz
2005 Mike Conley
2006 Bill Robertson
2008 Kirk Saunders

Crime Free Housing Programs

Law Enforcement Agencies (Police and Sheriffs Department) in many communities have adopted a Crime Free Housing Program which offers an opportunity for participating community managers and residents to work with local Law Enforcement to provide a safer environment by decreasing criminal activity in their community. Continue reading->

Arizona Blue Ribbon Manufactured Home Community Program

The Manufactured Housing Communities of Arizona (MHCA) and the Arizona Association Manufactured Home Owners (AAMHO) have developed a “Blue Ribbon Community” Program. The purpose of the “Blue Ribbon Community” designation is to give recognition and be known as a sign of achievement throughout the manufactured home industry. Continue reading->